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Shockwave therapy is a modern treatment for erectile dysfunction that, for many, yields far better results than traditional pills. With 50% of men between the ages of 40 and 70 experiencing ED, this treatment is more needed now than ever before. What is extracorporeal shockwave therapy and why are the results so remarkable?

The Basics of Shockwave Therapy

This unique therapeutic method utilizes acoustic waves created by a high-tech device. This energy will stimulate your tissues and encourage rejuvenation and ED correction. Many different types of tissues can be positively affected by extracorporeal shockwave therapy, including tendons, soft tissues and other parts of the body. Our professional machines are medical grade and only operated by our trained and experienced professionals. You can feel good about receiving your therapeutic treatment in our Los Angeles’ office.

The Downside of Little Blue Pills

While pills do work for some men with ED, there are countless individuals who experience side effects or less-than-desirable outcomes. Pills are very expensive, they can actually interfere with other medical treatments, or may not even help at all! Above all else, pills do not change the pathophysiology that underlines ED.

Shockwave therapy does not aim to put a Band-Aid on the problem but to instead fix the underlying issue so that ED is no longer a problem. Preliminary studies have shown that extracorporeal therapeutic treatments can rejuvenate and restore the health of penile tissue, so the core issue is solved. While this therapy is still not FDA approved for specifically treating ED, it has been safely and successfully used to treat a myriad of other conditions, and clinical trials are currently taking place to confirm efficacy. Based on our experience, shockwave treatment is 70-80% effective and have helped patients even after pills have failed.

The Data Indicates Shockwave Therapy Can Be More Effective

In 2017, a comprehensive review of 9 studies was published in Urology. The conclusion was that extracorporeal shockwave therapy improved both the International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF) and the Erection Hardness Score (EHS). Treatment was found to last for 2 – 3 years, which is significantly longer than any pill. Shockwave therapy was found to be effective in both men who responded to pills and traditional treatments and men who were not responsive to those treatments.

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