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“Penile Low Intensity Shock Wave Treatment is Able to Shift PDE5i Nonresponders to Responders: A Double-Blind, Sham Controlled Study”

Noam D. Kitrey


In the low intensity shock wave treatment group and the sham group 54.1% and 0% of patients, respectively, achieved erection hard enough for vaginal penetration, that is an EHS (Erection Hardness Score) of 3 (p <0.0001). According to changes in the IIEF-EF (International Index of Erectile Function-Erectile Function) score treatment was effective in 40.5% of men who received low intensity shock wave treatment but in none in the sham group (p = 0.001). Of patients treated with shock waves after sham treatment 56.3% achieved erection hard enough for penetration (p <0.005).


“Low intensity shock wave treatment is effective even in patients with severe erectile dysfunction who are PDE5i nonresponders. After treatment about half of them were able to achieve erection hard enough for penetration with PDE5i. Longer followup is needed to establish the place of low intensity shock wave treatment in these challenging cases.”


Los Angeles Clinic.